With Malibu Beach Towing you can rest assured that your vehicle will be safe and free from unexpected damages. Malibu Beach Towing wheel lift system is great for short hauls that only require the vehicle to be taken a short distance to a repair shop or home.

Your vehicle can be attached from the front or the back depending if it is a rear-wheel drive or a front-wheel drive vehicle. For all-wheel drive, the tow truck operator will have to use dollies. One big advantage to the wheel lift system, it’s an optimal way to move cars or lightweight trucks and vans.

Benefits of Using a Professional Wheel Lift Tow Truck Service in Malibu.

When your vehicle needs to be towed, it can be a stressful and time-consuming situation. However, by using a professional wheel lift tow truck service, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress. Some of the benefits of using a professional wheel lift tow truck service include:

Experienced and skilled operators: Professional operators have the experience and training necessary to safely and efficiently transport your vehicle.
Proper equipment and tools: Professional wheel lift tow truck services have the necessary equipment and tools to transport your vehicle, including specialized wheel lift systems and secure load balancing equipment.
Faster and safer towing: Professional wheel lift tow truck services can transport your vehicle fast and safely, minimizing the risk of further damage to your vehicle.

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