If you find yourself in an indoor parking lot that has low ceilings, you may find yourself in trouble. Although ordinary vehicles can easily pass through those black/yellow, low entrance barriers at indoor parking lots, most tow trucks are not going to make it through them. So, what do you do if your car breaks down inside a low-clearance parking garage?

Malibu Beach Towing offers low-clearing towing services for motorists whose vehicles have broken down inside these parking lots. We use purpose-built low-clearance tow trucks which are small enough to fit inside these enclosed spaces and can come to rescue your vehicle.


Safety and security are of the utmost importance when it comes to low-clearance towing in Malibu. That’s why it’s essential to have the right equipment and safety features in place. Our safety equipment, such as wheel chocks, load levelers, and surge brakes, can help to keep your load stable and secure. Additionally, our Malibu Beach Towing experts properly secure and balance your load and have a plan in place for handling breakdowns and accidents in Malibu. This includes having emergency equipment on hand, such as warning triangles, reflective vests, and flashlights, as well as having a reliable communication system in place to contact Malibu Beach Towing emergency services if needed. Another important aspect of safety and security is to ensure that the driver of the towing vehicle is properly trained. That’s why our experts have drivers who are experienced in handling low clearance loads, and who are familiar with the laws and regulations related to towing in Malibu. Route planning is another important aspect of low-clearance towing. Our local Malibu Beach Towing experts choose the best route for your trip, taking into account the size and weight of your load, as well as the clearance of the towing vehicle. Avoiding low clearance areas and weight restrictions can save you time and money, and planning for rest stops and overnight stays can help prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of accidents. This includes avoiding routes with low bridges, tunnels, and overpasses and also making sure that the route is not too winding or hilly, as this can add unnecessary stress to the load and the towing vehicle.

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