Heavy-duty tow trucks are specifically designed to tow large, heavy vehicles, such as fire trucks, school buses, transport trucks, farming equipment, construction equipment, and other vehicles that are unable to be safely moved with standard or flatbed towing.

Malibu Beach Towing Truck Service has heavy duty tow trucks that are ready to provide assistance for any size vehicles whenever and wherever you need it. We work to make sure that no matter what vehicle you drive or what need arises, you will have access to a reliable, professional, 24-hour towing company that is able to help you with anything from heavy duty accident vehicle recovery to long-distance transport, to emergency roadside assistance.

Your vehicle is one of your highly valuable assets, and it deserves professional care from a licensed towing company to ensure it is not damaged during transport or recovery or mishandled in any way. We are confident that our tow truck driver technicians have the training, the knowledge, and the experience to effectively assist you with any situation you encounter, and any towing need you have.

Our affordable towing services are perfect for both personal and commercial vehicles. Whether it is an emergency or the planned relocation of a vehicle, let us know how we can help you.

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